Pam: Mark and I entered the world of pharmaceutical advertising around the same time. After years of working on the consumer side of the business, we were wooed to the pharma side to ratchet up the work being done here.


Mark: We got to know each other as partners in a concepting session over lunch where Pam discovered that I love the outdoors and I'm not as scary as

I look.


Pam: And Mark discovered that I like nature too, as

long as it doesn’t touch me. And that there's nothing

scarier than me coming down from a 5-hour energy

drink-induced concepting session.

Mark: We’re definitely very different, yet the same 

when it comes to our taste in advertising and passion

for the business.


Pam: And we still believe that our muses meet us

around lunchtime at our favorite concepting spot—a

sports bar crammed with high def flat screens, bad

‘80s music, and drunk old men. We thrive on the energy, distractions and 

unlimited free iced tea refills. 


Mark: We actually tried to hire our waitress.


Pam: Ok, yes. We have—a waitress.


Mark: She didn't want the job.


Pam: When we concept, we switch roles a lot. I’m the writer, but Mark writes great lines and has some highly imaginative spelling suggestions.


                                    Mark: And Pam is a very visual thinker. She

                                              draws unbelievably terrible sketches but for some                                                   reason I  can see exactly what she’s thinking.  


                                    Pam: Our concepting sessions usually start out                                                     with spirited complaining sessions, which                                                                jumpstart us into talking about anything and                                                           everything. We find the same things funny and                                                       nothing is sacred when it comes to our sense

                                              of humor. We discuss and argue a lot to get to

                                              a good idea, but we never fight.


Mark: Yep, we rarely fight.

Pam: There's a great trust between us and we both feel comfortable offering up really bad ideas. And we both feel comfortable telling each other when an idea is really bad. We're pretty blunt with each other. It's a time-saver.


Mark: We came to this side of the business to shake things up and so far we've shaken out a Cannes Silver Lion, several Clios, a  National ADDY—and  won a lot of new business pitches.

Pam: We've always believed that pharma advertising can be provocative, sophisticated and smart. And after more than 10 years of being partners, we're still having a lot of fun meeting up with our muses and chasing down

those ideas.

Mark: And all it takes to get Pam in the mood to concept is some sort of chicken salad and an endless supply of iced tea. And a drunk old man.

Pam: To get Mark in the mood, I just tell him he's pretty.


Pam Janco

Mobile: 614 • 205 • 6029

         Mark Thompson


    Mobile: 614 • 395 • 6999

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